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First Impressions
First Impressions


The business of first impressions is our specialty. With years of experience and over $1B of photographed inventory, no challenge stands too tall for our professional media team. 


"More than half (53%) of new-vehicle shoppers use a mobile device to digitally conduct automotive research to help them find the right vehicle"

-J.D. Power

"Studies show online car shopping is more efficient"

Quality & Consistency

As online car shopping becomes the new norm, what steps are you taking to ensure a smooth online experience? We ensure that every shot upholds the same quality and consistency in every vehicle we photograph and video, creating a truly unique product that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them.

Attention to Detail


Some customers may know exactly what they're looking for, some do not. From showing off unique features to showcasing additional options, attention to detail is everything. Our photographers are trained to highlight and capture every unique aspect of a vehicle, while never missing a shot.


We have experience shooting the make and model of nearly every production car. The Shoot My Car team will work with your specific dealership's needs. We are not just experienced, but experts in the whole process. From sequence to VAuto/Inventory+, you can trust that Shoot My Car, LLC will make the process simpler for your Dealership. Inquire about a FREE Demo for your Dealership today!


"For automotive dealers, the biggest marketing priority by far is increasing lead volume and conversions."

-9 Clouds

Are you taking the right steps to ensure people know who your brand is? Brand recognition is key in developing a social media strategy. In order to get the conversation started, you need to know how and when to engage, and to create quality content that properly reflects your business. Social Media isn't going anywhere. As new and old platforms continue to expand, such as Instagram, Facebook, and ParkUpFront, so do the ways you are able to reach your future customers.

Quality & Consistancy
Attention to Detail


"I believe most things can be said in a few lines."

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